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Youth Educational Enrichment Program (YEEP) School is an organization emanated for the enrichment of children's knowledge. Taking a quick look across the globe, we notice that young children are influenced by the surroundings and at times lack learning interest. Such repercussion leads to adverse effects on the child's mind-set and thinking abilities. We organize various programs that emphasize on the aspects to improvise learning and intelligence skills of the youth. Our education programs stimulate interests in general sciences that lays a foundation for children to grow smarter and brighter.

Our focus is to improve children's skills in English, Maths and Sciences and rekindle their love and interest for the subject. The approach of guiding students is different from that of regular education system. Methods of teaching practiced by us sharpens the study skills which enable children to acquire academic progress. YEEP aspires to enhance the learning capabilities and impart distinct activities with the help of our volunteers.

" It is our responsibility to show children love and passion towards learning. "
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